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A one size fits all race car.

Proven with numerous configurations ranging from 1300cc Hayabusa Turbo to 4000cc Judd V8 engines, conquering multiple classes at once.

Released in 2016, the Gould GR59 chassis has seen success across the board, with 2019 seeing victory in classes for classes L and J(ii); Racing Cars over 2000cc and over 1100cc up to 1600cc respectively.

The latest in a long line of Gould Racing cars, and arguably the most versatile chassis in the series, a relatively small-scale change to the rear end affords almost any engine installation.


Its vast tune-ability has made it a common sight on the hill, with a range of suspension components, front and rear wing setups and various ancillaries that may be used to make each car unique.


Wallace Menzies


Wallace is now a consecutive champion, taking victory in 2019 and 2021 (with 2020 omitted due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic) in his 3300cc Cosworth XD V8 powered GR59M. In 2021 he set new outright Hill Records at Gurston Down, Doune, Prescott and Loton Park to seal off what was an incredible season for the Scotsman.

His GR59M was the first rear end which was redesigned to suit a larger capacity installation, and to great effect, with Wallace's engine output in excess of 650BHP, requiring modifications to the bodywork and a series of suspension components to accommodate wider wheels.

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