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From fitting an intricate assembly consisting of numerous composite parts, to the bonding of numerous Gould chassis, we are well equipped to undertake a variety of trim, fit and assembly work.

With our specialism in prototype and small batch runs we are able to adapt to design changes quickly, our team of highly skilled fitters have the ability to transform race returns into as-new components, along with the manufacture of new items to specification.

We use these skills to fit items both on and off of the car, with intricate brake duct assemblies fitted meticulously to ensure the best possible performance on track.

With two independent trim and assembly rooms and a new extraction system fitted in 2019, we are able to separate our operations where required.


Component post-cure and adhesive cures can be carried out with several programme controlled ovens available:

2 - 600 x 600 x 600mm, 400 Celsius max

2 - 500 x 900 x 600mm, 250 Celsius max

We also have digitally controlled, manually adjusted ovens:

2 - 450 x 600 x 500mm, 240 Celsius max

1 - 500 x 900 x 600mm, 250 Celsius max



We have wet or dry blast cabinets available to suit various materials, and specific bond or paint preparation, both with turntables for 360 degree access.

Vapormatt Puma - 1100 x 1100 x 1100mm

Guyson dry blast - 1000 x 700 x 600mm

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