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A new era.

An evolution of the GR37, it paved the way for new fundamentals of Gould cars and is a machine that is still raced to this day.

Commissioned by the Wight family, the GR51 mated a refined carbon fibre chassis to a 2800cc Cosworth KF V6 engine and achieved two consecutive championship titles in 2001 and 2002, following its release in the year 2000.

The car itself was an evolution of the GR37, featuring a new chassis, bodywork and aerodynamic package, proving just as successful as its predecessor.


It was significantly lightweight, challenging the approach that there is no substitute for horsepower, which allowed its 2.8L Cosworth installation to trump the competition and their 4.0L engines with an improved power to weight ratio.


Graeme Wight JNR.jpg

Graeme Wight Jr

Graeme won the 2001 and 2002 Championships in the GR51, in which Graeme won 17 out of the 27 races which he had entered, sealing the 2001 victory in an impressive show.

In 2002 he trumped the previous year, winning nearly 2/3 of all races entered to clinch victory over Tim Mason by 4 points.

Graeme has been manufacturer of hill climb machinery under the guise of Graeme Wight Racing since the mid 2000's, 

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